Easy on Baby


Our cloth diapers are exceptionally soft. They are washed 3 times with dye free, frangrance free,

biodegradable soap.

Cloth diapers are easy on babies sensitive skin, and known for reducing painful diaper rash. 

Easy to Use


No white rubber pants or pins of the past! Cloth diaper covers come in cute colors and patterns, and with velcro or snaps. Check out our EASY 3 Minute Tutorial to see just how easy it is to diaper your baby with our diapers.

Easy, fast, and cute!

Easy on the Budget


Cloth diaper service

is very comparable to the price of disposable diapers, and often even less! Since most cloth

diapered babies potty train much earlier, this allows you to buy fewer diapers in general.

That can save a lot of money in the long run! 

Easy on the Planet


It takes 80,000 pounds of plastic and 200,000 trees a year to make disposable diapers in America. Even biodegradable diapers still take hundreds of years to decompose. Using our service is something you can feel good about.

Easy to be Local


Parents will spend about $1000 per year on diapers for each child. Since we are a small locally owned business, using our diaper service keeps that money in Northern Arizona, rather than in the pockets of the big box corporations. 

Easy Potty Training


On average, babies who use cloth diapers, will typically potty train six months to one year earlier than babies using disposable diapers.

That can mean saving you from 100's of additional diaper changes.

Learn more.




Easy on YOU 


Let's face it, washing dirty diapers is indeed, a dirty job. It takes 3 washes to be effective, and that takes a lot of time. Let us do the dirty work, and save your time for catching up on sleep, or spending time with your baby, or your mate.

Easy Baby Gift


Who wouldn't love this

baby gift? Usually anything delivered to your door is good, but this is really good!

Click here to purchase gift certificates right on our website. The gift of

time to a new parent

is precious.


 We believe

diapers should be


and affordable. 

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