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We supply the diapers & covers. Put your soiled diapers outside your home for pick up in the bag we provide. We will pick up the dirty bag and replace with fresh clean diapers. After enjoying a free week on us, simply pay online to continue service. Preview Pricing.

Please review the Short 3 Step Tutorial below. 

Diaper Service 3 Step Tutorial

1. Diapering 
Watch Diapering "How To" Video (only 20 seconds!)

Diapers are available in 4 sizes: Newborn, Infant, Medium, and Toddler sizes. It is recommended that you change your baby once an hour when awake, unless you realize your baby is wet earlier. You may double diaper for naps and night time. Simply lay two diapers together.

We recommend the book, The Diaper Free Baby. It's a guide to an early potty training method called Elimination Communication (EC). This method will have you using fewer diapers and ultimately getting your baby out of diapers much earlier. Cloth diapers will greatly assist with this method as babies can feel the wetness in cloth diapers thus encouraging them to express their potty needs. It is not always a cry, it may be whines, squeals, wiggles, or tugs at the diaper. Respond promptly to encourage this communication. Keep dry as your baby's "norm".

Typically there is less or no diaper rash with cloth diapers, especially if you change often enough. If you do find you need a cream while determining the cause of the diaper rash, please use a cloth friendly cream on this list.

2. Diaper Covers

You will receive 3 covers with your service. You can reuse the same cover until you feel it needs to be washed. Typically you resuse the diaper cover several times until it will eventually get soiled around the leg area. If it is modest, you can use a wet wipe to wipe it clean and reuse, otherwise simply spray it clean in your sink with your sprayer or faucet, then squeeze tight and hang dry or lay out in the sun for a quick dry. You can wash in your laundry (low heat in dryer), or put in your dirty diaper bag for pick up. If you let us wash your covers, you will need more than 3 covers, as we will have your covers for a week while washing them. 3 is really a basic set, most people buy a few more. All of our customers receive a 10% discount on diaper covers at Babies to Kids in Flagstaff. 

3.  Storage & Delivery

You can put your dirty diapers directly in the diaper pail bag we provide, no rinsing needed. However, with older babies, if you are able to gently shake solid waste into your toilet, that is helpful to ensure the cleanest diapers possible. The bag is very universal, you can use it in may types of diaper pails or cans. We recommend an inexpensive plastic garbage can with a foot lever and lid for $10-15.


Place your dirty diapers outside your house for pick up in the bag we provide, and we will drop off a new bag of clean diapers. Pick ups are Wednesdays. Please have your bag out by 8am. If you miss a pick up, you can drop it off to us, or we can come by for an extra pick for $10. If you are traveling, we will gladly suspend your service while you're gone.

Lastly, we are here to help you in your diapering journey! Our goal is help you feel good about using a green method of diapering and assist you in getting your baby out of diapers as early as possible. Please email, text, call if you have any questions at all! 

Now let's get started!

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