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What diaper creams can I use with cloth diapers? Diaper rash is less common with cloth diapers, however if you do find you need to use a cream, please use a cloth friendly cream on this list to avoid staining our diapers. Thank you!



What is your service area?

We currently serve Flagstaff, including Doney Park, Kachina, Mountainaire.


When should I schedule my free week?

You can schedule your first delivery prior to baby's arrival or after. It's up to you. Your free week begins when you begin using the diapers.


I don't even know how to put on a cloth diaper! Is it easy?

It's so easy! Remember, we are all about easy. We will even personally show you a few methods, and you choose the one you like the best. Before long, you will be able to do it in your sleep - literally, in the middle of the night, half asleep, you will be able to diaper your baby like a pro.


Do you provide the diapers AND also wash them?




Why Prefold Cloth Diapers?

After researching all the cloth diaper options, we discovered prefolds to be the most cost effective option. With Pocket Diapers or the All-In-Ones, you need to purchase many more covers because you need to wash them every time, we did not see that as very cost effective. "Easy on the budget" is one of our objectives.




Why are they called "Prefold" Cloth Diapers?

Because you prefold the diaper before putting it into the cover. Although we have super easy technique that requires NO folding. Schedule a free demo and we'll teach you!


What about the diaper covers?

We provide 3 cloth diaper covers. If you desire more, all Easy Does It! DIAPER SERVICE customers will receive a 10% discount on diaper covers at Babies to Kids, Flagstaff's premier boutique baby store, located at 2632 N Steves Blvd. 


How many cloth diapers will I get each week?

80 cloth diapers on average. Learn more on our "how it works" page.



Why an average of 80 diapers, not exactly 80 new diapers each week?

You WILL have exactly 80 cloth diapers the first two weeks of your service. From there It depends on how many dirty diapers you left out for us to pick up the week prior. Then you will begin to average 80 a week. Learn more on our "how it works" page.



What if I need more diapers?

If you need just a few more, no problem, no charge. If it is significantly more, or if you require more for multiple children, please call for custom pricing.



What do you mean by "rotation"?

You will have an average of 80 diapers each week, We will be washing the last 80 while you are using another 80, adding up to 160 diapers in your "rotation" - we rotate, or exchange, an average of 80 dirty diapers with 80 clean diapers. Learn more on our "how it works" page.



Will I get my own diapers back each week?

Yes. We will deliver to you the very same cloth diapers you left out for us to pick up the week prior.



Do you have different size prefold cloth diapers? 

Yes, newborn, infant, medium, and toddler size cloth diapers.



What happens when my baby outgrows the newborn diapers?

Just call and we will deliver the next size up when we deliver your next batch of dipaers. This feature really makes our service affordable because it prevents you from having to buy three different sizes of diapers as your baby grows. 



Do I need to prewash or rinse my diapers before pick up?

Not really. If you can easily shake any solids into your toilet first, that is very much appreciated, and will help us keep the diapers as clean as possible. If you can't (especially with newborns), not a problem, just put them directly into your diaper hamper.




How do I store my dirty diapers?

Some diaper companies supply various types of diaper cans. I believe it's best if you decide on the size, shape, style, color of your "diaper hamper". That way you can make sure it will fit where you need it to, and match your baby's room as well. However, we do recommend a simple and inexpensive plastic tall kitchen



How will you wash my diapers?

Your diapers will be washed three times. The first wash is in warm water (as to not set in stains) with soap, the second wash is hot water with just a little soap, and a small amount of bleach to ensure clean, white diapers, then a full wash cycle with nothing but hot water to ensure the diapers are free of any residue, and gentle on your baby. We use Charlie's Laundry Powder. It is biodegradeable with no abrasives, lye, phosphates, dyes, or perfumes. To learn more go


If we are on vacation can I hold my service?

Yes, call us and we will hold your service and not charge you for the time you are gone.



When do I put my cloth diapers out for pick up?

Your pick will occur anytime after 8am on Wednesdays.


Where do I put my diaper bag for pick up?

Usually, people will put their bag by near the front door. As long as it is somewhere very visible, and somewhere we will not have to encounter a dog, or the bag will not bake in the sun, making it very hard to get stains out.



What if I forget to put my diapers out for pick up?

If we don't see your bag outside, we will knock on the door. If no one is home and you have missed your pick up, call us, and we will make another trip and charge your account $10.




Can you provide other types of diapers?

Currently, no. We have found cloth diaper prefolds and covers to be the most cost effective cloth diaper system available to parents.



Do daycare centers allow cloth diapers?

Yes, some do! It is perfect legal in Arizona for childcare providers to use cloth. If they don't allow them, it is only because they CHOSE not to allow them. Some people have had success in changing their policy when they show them how easy it is. 

If you don't see your question, please email or call us at 928.890.7336
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