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Cost Comparison

Pamper Swaddlers (qty 70)

not earth friendly, not delivered, somewhat soft

$24.99 w/tax $27.23

$  .39 cents per diaper




Huggies Little Snugglers (qty 70) 

not earth friendly, not delivered, somewhat soft

$24.99 w/tax $27.23

$  .39 cents per diaper




Luvs (qty 88)

value brand, paper like - not soft,

not earth friendly, not delivered

$19.79 w/tax $21.56

$  .25 cents per diaper




Seventh Generation (qty 54)

sustainably sourced, not delivered

$19.99 w/tax $21.78

$  .40 cents per diaper




The Honest Company (qty 29) 

eco-friendly, cute and delivered, and you pay additional shipping fees

$13.99 w/tax $15.24

price does notinclude shipping

$  .53 cents per diaper





Easy Does It! DIAPER SERVICE (qty 80)

earth friendly, reuseable, helps with potty training, super soft, delivered

$18, 19, 21, 23 per week

depending on plan,

we are not required to charge tax

ONLY $ .23, .24, .26, .29 cents per diaper,

depending on payment plan chosen



Disposables vs Cloth Diapers
Jun. 1, 2007


"It takes about 80,000 pounds of plastic and 200,000 trees a year to make disposable diapers in America alone, according



Furthermore, disposable diapers are not biodegradable.

The brands that claim they are biodegradable still take several hundred years to decompose.


Instead, try a cloth diaper service. You will create much less waste, and a professional can take care of the cleanup."

Prices were checked at Target and on 10/12/15,


Quantities were matched as closely as possible based on available packaging.


Size 4 was used for this study, as your baby will wear size 4 for the longest period of time, therefore that is the size you will need to buy the most. 

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